Museum Displays

Have you been to your Museum lately to check out the exhibits?  

War Room with Weapons and etc. including a pistol that was left behind in Lexington after the John Hunt Morgan Raid. It was found by William EuDaly on Hunt Street near Cherry Street (highway 203) intersection. Mrs. EuDaly was forced to cook for many of the Raiders that camped out in front of her house, just across the street. After the Raiders left, Mr. EuDaly found the pistol hidden. The EuDaly descendants donated the pistol to the Museum. On the 2nd floor.

Dr. Marvin McClain Examination Table; lots of people in Scott County have been on that table one time or another, on the 2nd floor.

Antique Sewing Machine and Wooden Ironing Board on the 2nd Floor.  Of course, nowadays, any ironing board is vintage.

W. I. Brunton Display on the 2nd Floor.

Antique hand made quilts on 2nd Floor.

Antique Bicycle on 2nd Floor.

Englishton Furniture, clothing, photographs and etc. Come see the photographs of the beautiful white mansion that set in Lexington up until 1969 when it was destroyed. The English family were prominent members of Scott County and lived in Lexington during the summers and back in Indianapolis during the winters.  In Indy they lived in the English Hotel.  It was on the circle in Indianapolis.