What you can do to help your Museum!

Did you ever wonder how you could volunteer for your Museum?

There are a lot of different ways of helping to keep your history alive. It doesn’t matter if you were born in Scott County or born somewhere else and moved here later. The Museum is your Museum!

Volunteers are needed for following jobs.  You can choose floor 1 or floor 2.  We don’t expect someone to have to do both floors each week.  Most jobs can be done weekly or biweekly.  Choose what you enjoy doing.

  • dusting antiques.
  • vacuuming carpet.
  • cleaning bathrooms (2 on 1st floor)   (presently only 1 on 2nd floor).
  • washing inside lower windows (no climbing).
  • painting outside and inside where needed.
  • weeding in flower beds.
  • mulch put down in beds as needed.
  • making refreshments for events such as cookies, lemonade, tea, etc.
  • assisting with the conservation of donated items.
  • changing light bulbs – climbing a ladder, required.
  • minor repairing, gluing antique furniture.
  • minor plumbing repairs when needed.
  • mowing the yard.

Your volunteer work would all be under the direction of Jeanne Abbott and to schedule a time for what you prefer doing, call Jeanne 812.752.1050.

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