Gift Shop

The Scott County Heritage Center & Museum Gift Shop has multiple items for sale including books about Scott County history and many other books.

Arts and Crafts are available from local artist including china, postcards, photographs, toys, jewelry, and many other items. Stop by and check the Gift Shop.

 The Gift Shop has a separate room with many used books available.  There is a cup to pay for what you purchase and you set the price paid.  These books are hard backs and paperbacks.  Stop in frequently to check  them out.

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and all Federal Holidays.

Questions or comments, call 812.752.1050 or email

What you can do to help your Museum!

Did you ever wonder how you could volunteer for your Museum?

There are a lot of different ways of helping to keep your history alive. It doesn’t matter if you were born in Scott County or born somewhere else and moved here later. The Museum is your Museum!

Volunteers are needed for following jobs.  You can choose floor 1 or floor 2.  We don’t expect someone to have to do both floors each week.  Most jobs can be done weekly or biweekly.  Choose what you enjoy doing.

  • dusting antiques.
  • vacuuming carpet.
  • cleaning bathrooms (2 on 1st floor)   (presently only 1 on 2nd floor).
  • washing inside lower windows (no climbing).
  • painting outside and inside where needed.
  • weeding in flower beds.
  • mulch put down in beds as needed.
  • making refreshments for events such as cookies, lemonade, tea, etc.
  • assisting with the conservation of donated items.
  • changing light bulbs – climbing a ladder, required.
  • minor repairing, gluing antique furniture.
  • minor plumbing repairs when needed.
  • mowing the yard.

Your volunteer work would all be under the direction of Jeanne Abbott and to schedule a time for what you prefer doing, call Jeanne 812.752.1050.

  • Don’t forget to become a member


Renting the Michael L. Smith Room

Rental of the Michael L. Smith Room

Are you aware your group may rent the Michael L. Smith Room for $50.00 per 4 hour rental. The room has a seating limit of 50.  If you are a member of the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum (membership annual fee is $20.00 per family at same residence), the fee is $25.00.

Great place for your Graduation Party, Baby Shower, Small Weddings, Wedding Reception or Birthday Party!

Call the Museum, 812.752.1050 and speak to Jeanne Abbott, Executive Director to schedule your date.

Nights and Weekends are available at same fee.

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Join The Museum

Would you like to join the crowd?


Become a member TODAY for the Scott County Museum.

The new year is the time to become a member of your Scott County Museum.  There are always two floors of displays for the public and in 2017 we are planning a lot of new displays just special for you.  Do you have a special display that you would like to see?  If so, please let us know.

Members that are preparing most of our displays and anyone that knows them will know these displays will be great. As most of the local people know, Mary Beth Carter Comer, Janet Cox Payne, Carol Stead, Chris & Ruby Wakeman do a great job in making beautiful displays.

 A family membership is only $20.00 per year and a single Senior Citizen is only $15.00 per year.

The Scott County Heritage Center and Museum promotes and preserves Scott County history and is the only such institution in the county. The museum also serves the community by hosting many events each year, including Historical Luncheons/Dinners, monthly Brown Bag Lunches, productions by the Scott County Museum Theatre Company,  annual quilt show, annual Fall Event, all – year ghost tours (and yes, they live here but they are all nice), free self-guided museum tours and etc.

Your membership contributions will be used to help us preserve and keep Scott County’s rich history alive for future generations.

Preservation Alliance, Inc. (PAI) is the parent organization of the Scott County Heritage Center & Museum. PAI and the Museum are supported through memberships, donations, grants, and other philanthropic contributions. The Museum is Not on the Scott County tax rolls.  

Being a member doesn’t require meeting attendances but we would like for you to attend some of our events. We realize everyone can’t attend every event. We believe you will enjoy the quarterly newsletter and various programs. A lot of the programs are free. 

SPECIAL for 2017!  Send in your dues for your annual membership and you will receive a free annual membership to Scott County Historical Society, Inc. (SCHS) is the oldest organization in the county.  It existed in 1925, as you can see by the picture hanging in the back hallway of a Pigeon Roost Reunion.

Newsletters will be sent to you from the PAI.

Send your check, money order, or call with a credit card or drop by and pay in cash to get your membership started. Address to send to is Scott County Heritage Center & Museum, 1050 South Main Street, PO Box 122, Scottsburg, Indiana 47170-0122.  Phone:  812-752-1050 and email: with questions or comments.