Gift Shop

The Scott County Heritage Center & Museum Gift Shop has multiple items for sale including books about Scott County history and many other books.

Arts and Crafts are available from local artist including china, postcards, photographs, toys, jewelry, and many other items. Stop by and check the Gift Shop.

 The Gift Shop has a separate room with many used books available.  There is a cup to pay for what you purchase and you set the price paid.  These books are hard backs and paperbacks.  Stop in frequently to check  them out.

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and all Federal Holidays.

Questions or comments, call 812.752.1050 or email

Collings Richey book

The Collings, Richeys and The Pigeon Roost Massacre, Vol. II 

This amazing genealogical companion book was completed in 2013.  There are less than 50 left of this book and it contains over 1000 pages plus indexed by those in the book and those that supplied information.

The price is $100.00 for the indexed hard back book.  ON SALE  $75.00

7% for Indiana Residents for the IN State Tax.

$8.00 for shipping fees.

If purchasing by mail, please send your check, money order or credit card today to:

Scott County Museum

1050 S. Main Street

P.O. Box 122

Scottsburg, Indiana 47170-0122

No Credit Cards accepted.

Let your local library know, they may like to buy a copy for their collection.

Questions call 812.752.1050 or

When you receive your copy, if you find errors, feel free to send them to for filing corrections in the Scott County Genealogical Society, Inc. files for future researchers.

Book I that was printed in 1980 & reprinted in 2003 are sold out. 

 Plans are to reprint in 2023.  

No price known at this time.

The third updated book will be in later in the year.  At this time, it appears it will be $100, but no orders are being taken at this time.  2020.   Pre-orders have already met the deadline.

If you have new information on marriages, births, deaths and etc. please send all info to for record keeping.  All of this information will be filed in the Scott County Genealogical Society Research Rooms for future researchers.

Quilt Show

 Annual Museum Quilt Show 

September 8-10, 2017

Saluting Our Red, White & Blue

Hours:  10 AM to 6 PM

Scott County Heritage Center and Museum

1050 South Main Street

Scottsburg, Indiana

Scott County Museum Quilters

Lena Lundgren, Chairperson

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.  Listen to I105.3 for cancellations or call the Museum 812.752.1050 to make sure there are no changes, especially in bad weather.

The group is for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

You are invited.  There is no fee, but donations may be collected for copying expenses and etc.

Meet at the Scott County Museum, 1050 South Main Street, Scottsburg, Indiana in the Michael L. Smith Room!

Bring your sewing questions – any type of questions and someone will be able to help you!


Open to the Public!

Museum Displays

Have you been to your Museum lately to check out the exhibits?  

War Room with Weapons and etc. including a pistol that was left behind in Lexington after the John Hunt Morgan Raid. It was found by William EuDaly on Hunt Street near Cherry Street (highway 203) intersection. Mrs. EuDaly was forced to cook for many of the Raiders that camped out in front of her house, just across the street. After the Raiders left, Mr. EuDaly found the pistol hidden. The EuDaly descendants donated the pistol to the Museum. On the 2nd floor.

Dr. Marvin McClain Examination Table; lots of people in Scott County have been on that table one time or another, on the 2nd floor.

Antique Sewing Machine and Wooden Ironing Board on the 2nd Floor.  Of course, nowadays, any ironing board is vintage.

W. I. Brunton Display on the 2nd Floor.

Antique hand made quilts on 2nd Floor.

Antique Bicycle on 2nd Floor.

Englishton Furniture, clothing, photographs and etc. Come see the photographs of the beautiful white mansion that set in Lexington up until 1969 when it was destroyed. The English family were prominent members of Scott County and lived in Lexington during the summers and back in Indianapolis during the winters.  In Indy they lived in the English Hotel.  It was on the circle in Indianapolis.

Barn Historical Painting

Museum Barn Paintings History

Ryan Heacock prepared the historical Morgan Foods Tomato can label on The Scott County Heritage Center & Museum Barn and painters included Ryan and April Reams Ramoni. The beautiful painting is on the north end of the barn, just south of the Museum, 1050 South Main Street, Scottsburg, Indiana. Be sure to check this out! Beautiful painting in 2012.

In 2013, Ryan Heacock and April Reams Ramoni were chairpersons on painting a new mural on the barn.  The Reno Brothers Train Robbery scene at Marshfield, just on the north edge of Scottsburg.  The painting looks great and several people volunteered to help from the Scott County Arts Council.

Join The Museum

Would you like to join the crowd?


Become a member TODAY for the Scott County Museum.

The new year is the time to become a member of your Scott County Museum.  There are always two floors of displays for the public and in 2017 we are planning a lot of new displays just special for you.  Do you have a special display that you would like to see?  If so, please let us know.

Members that are preparing most of our displays and anyone that knows them will know these displays will be great. As most of the local people know, Mary Beth Carter Comer, Janet Cox Payne, Carol Stead, Chris & Ruby Wakeman do a great job in making beautiful displays.

 A family membership is only $20.00 per year and a single Senior Citizen is only $15.00 per year.

The Scott County Heritage Center and Museum promotes and preserves Scott County history and is the only such institution in the county. The museum also serves the community by hosting many events each year, including Historical Luncheons/Dinners, monthly Brown Bag Lunches, productions by the Scott County Museum Theatre Company,  annual quilt show, annual Fall Event, all – year ghost tours (and yes, they live here but they are all nice), free self-guided museum tours and etc.

Your membership contributions will be used to help us preserve and keep Scott County’s rich history alive for future generations.

Preservation Alliance, Inc. (PAI) is the parent organization of the Scott County Heritage Center & Museum. PAI and the Museum are supported through memberships, donations, grants, and other philanthropic contributions. The Museum is Not on the Scott County tax rolls.  

Being a member doesn’t require meeting attendances but we would like for you to attend some of our events. We realize everyone can’t attend every event. We believe you will enjoy the quarterly newsletter and various programs. A lot of the programs are free. 

SPECIAL for 2017!  Send in your dues for your annual membership and you will receive a free annual membership to Scott County Historical Society, Inc. (SCHS) is the oldest organization in the county.  It existed in 1925, as you can see by the picture hanging in the back hallway of a Pigeon Roost Reunion.

Newsletters will be sent to you from the PAI.

Send your check, money order, or call with a credit card or drop by and pay in cash to get your membership started. Address to send to is Scott County Heritage Center & Museum, 1050 South Main Street, PO Box 122, Scottsburg, Indiana 47170-0122.  Phone:  812-752-1050 and email: with questions or comments.