Newsletters Excerpts

Scott County Journal, Scottsburg, Indiana, Wednesday, November 3, 1937

Names of Jurors Drawn

The names of the following persons have been drawn to serve as jurors at the November term of circuit court, which convenes next Monday:

Grand Jury

Osa Shearer, Lexington Township, Clifford Park, Lexington Twp.; Merrill Jones, Jennings Twp.; Virgil Peacock, Jennings Twp.; Gilbert Shields, Finley Twp.;  and Howard Bridgewater, Lexington Twp.

Petit Jury

George Byrley, Finley; Floyd Robbins, Lexington; Clarence Noe, Lexington; Carol Jones, Lexington; Jesse Miner, Finley; Lawrence Whitsitt, Johnson; Dennis McNeeley, Vienna; James Roth, Vienna; John A Rogers, Vienna; George Vest, Johnson; Scott Kanower, Finley; Jesse Comer, Vienna; John Comer, Vienna; John Dewitt, Jennings; Omer Hardy, Lexington; Osa Langdon, Jennings; Clifford Sarver, Johnson; T. N. Cash, Johnson; and Dewey Severs, Jennings.



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